“When I first met Vasiliki, I could see that she had a passion for her work and a genuine interest in people. She had an ability to really listen and connect, and she radiated positivity. I wanted to work with her right away.

Vasiliki has a warmth, openness and supportive energy that made it easy for me to talk about challenges I face with health and wellbeing. She has an obvious passion for her work, and energy and enthusiasm that I find inspirational. She used the "Energy Leadership Index Assessment" to give me insight into where my approach to life was serving me well and where it might be getting in my way. I really appreciated how sensitively she gave feedback and how her rich insights helped me look at things in a new way.

She helped me explore ways in which I could stay positively engaged - even when under stress - and have some of that amazing energy that she brought to our sessions. The whole relationship felt like a real partnership, and the insights I gained have made a difference to my whole life, not just my health and wellbeing.”
-Dean Hanley, Content Designer

“I would like to give a testimonial to my amazing coach and extremely wonderful and interesting person - Vasiliki. We started working together about 8 months ago. When we first met I was completely new to this, I had never heard about coaching before and had no clue what it was, but one day it just entered into my life and completely transformed me. It was a very unexpected yet very exciting turning point for me.

At that time my life was a complete mess, without any specific direction, with no clear idea where to go or where to start from. Here is where Vasiliki came into the game. When they say the right person at the right time... It was that moment for me! We started working with Vasiliki on my life purpose in order to experience and live my life, especially a balanced one, to the fullest! Working side by side, we started creating a plan that could satisfy my desires as well as my life values.

Just after a few sessions of worked together, I could notice a difference in my daily life and my habits. It was incredible, I could not believe it! I struggled for so many years to create good habits and I never succeeded, and here, just after a few sessions with Vasiliki, I am suddenly on the right path towards my dream life. We did not work with Vasiliki only on developing good habits. She also helped me, and is still guiding me, to follow my big life plan and slowly step by step, each session we are coming closer to it.

I could stay here for hours listing all we do with my wonderful coach but I will stop here to save you time. I just really want to express how wonderful Vasiliki is. She is very well prepared, extremely passionate about what she is doing, has very good knowledge and insights that always feel helpful and relatable. Highly professional, always on time, kind, respectful and most importantly very patient and a good listener.
Stop listening to me though - just start working with her. I promise you will not regret it, and every area of your life will improve in a very short time ! THANK YOU VASILIKI FOR YOUR PASSION AND KNOWLEDGE THAT MAKES YOU AN INCREDIBLY GOOD COACH!!!”
-Victoria Fiorentini, Cabin Crew Member

“Vasiliki’s deeply wise and light-hearted energy is contagious. In working with her I found pathways into action that stemmed from a more truthful and connected place. She held the space for me to form new insights that came from my own intrinsic motivation —a huge leap as someone who has had a history of placing external successes on a pedestal.

Vasiliki’s own sense of being is powerful and invited me to step up my game; she helped me to expand beyond my own habitual thinking. After leaving our sessions, I often felt rejuvenated and more "in tune".

For anyone in pursuit of accessing higher realms of energy, creativity, or consciousness, working with Vasiliki is a welcome illumination.”
-Michael Garcia, Professional Dancer

“I had an amazing experience of being coached by Vasiliki. She is a wonderful, intuitive and caring coach. I didn't have a specific topic in mind, so we were discussing and optimising various areas of my life. I got so many insights and clarity around what was going on in my head and how to react in different, more productive ways. I also became more confident and connected better with my passion.

Vasiliki is also a very positive and warm person. She always created a comfortable and trusting space for me to express myself and grow. I recommend to everyone to try a session with Vasiliki and dive deeper into spirituality or any other goals you have.”
-Anastasia Piras, Freelancer

“I had the privilege of being coached by Vasiliki on several occasions. Her intuitive guidance and gentle demeanour created a safe space for exploration and growth.

Through her skillful coaching, I gained invaluable insights about myself and felt empowered to take meaningful steps towards my goals. Vasiliki’s ability to connect deeply and guide with precision truly sets her apart as an exceptional coach.”
-Karen Manasfi, Teacher

“Vas is an exceptional coach who has imparted numerous psychological theories relevant to our everyday lives during each session. She is not only an insightful teacher but also a steadfast supporter, guiding you through your most challenging moments and helping you thrive.”
-Stephanie, Sales Representative


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