About Mentor Coach Vasiliki

Vasiliki’s personal journey and professional training on consciousness coaching and yoga

Vasiliki’s inner purpose of guiding individuals into raising their consciousness is closely related with her own journey. Before discovering her divinity, Vasiliki truly believed that there is nothing more to life than our “mundane”, physical self. This strongly held belief was the internal block that was keeping her in the dark, unconscious, in a life of suffering.

She began her exploration of uncovering the Truth by practicing meditation and reading the yogic philosophy on self-realisation. The myriad benefits of the calmness cultivated by meditation and the ancient wisdom and guidance of yogis, unlocked her passion for wellness and spirituality and led her to become a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. 

A completely new way of living life was emerging, and guiding herself through this unfamiliar reality was challenging. All previous beliefs about life, herself, God, the world, suddenly melted away. What helped her move past the confusion and helplessness experienced during the dark night of the soul was the valuable sessions with a life coach. V slowly began uncovering her true, authentic Self and reconnecting back with her inner child. 

After experiencing the transformational results of coaching as a client, Vasiliki was certain that she was destined to help others raise their level of consciousness to live a life of joy, blessings, and purpose. She got certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Core Energy Consciousness Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She is now awakening the ones ready and raising people’s level of awareness and consciousness in their journey of self-discovery. 

Bringing all her teachings together, she organises workshops and retreats all over the world to guide and engage with her community. 

On a personal level V likes a simple, quiet life in nature surrounded by likeminded​​​ people. She expresses herself through deep philosophical conversations, teaching, dancing, reading, acrobatics, photography and of course her yoga practice. 

Passionate, caring, and honest, she is here to support you, remove internal obstacles, raise your awareness, and keep you accountable for creating the life of your dreams. 

Vasiliki teaches us that because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, “the way to master our life on Earth is by controlling the egoic mind, raising our level of consciousness”. 

Unlock your true potencial and live a life of alignment